We Are All Different, but Equal: Diversity in Education

We are physically, socially, and mentally different from one another. Education aims to equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge in everyday life. One cannot quickly identify them in a child at birth or before adolescent age. Therefore, the education system on a large scale tends to generalize students when carrying out its mandate. Generalization denies some students the chance to show their natural abilities and skills. They grow up depressed and fail to reach their full potential. They are neglected and forced to live typical lives, yet they are the ones with the ability to create employment.

Society must recognize that children are born with different physical and mental abilities. These abilities do not make any of them less or more human. These traits must guide the educator in coming up with diversified means to educate the young ones while at the same time imparting knowledge paramountessays.com and skills. Problems in society can be solved with ease when different experts have been trained.

A well-structured education system enables the community to utilize the available human resources and strengthen it to supply the economic sector. There is a vast wastage of talent and ability in society because the system is not made to identify these rare species. To structure the system is a crucial step towards setting up the stage for youth empowerment. The youth are the strength of a nation and must be well trained to build a great nation based on skills and knowledge.

The system needs to come up with various structures that educate learners in different fields of education, depending on their abilities. The economy requires experts in a variety of areas. Lack of experts forces the government to hire human resources from other countries. It is better http://www.calstatela.edu/sites/default/files/groups/Dr.%20Christopher%20Endy/writing_tips.pdf to train your team of specialists than to borrow from another state.

Education sets the foundation for these experts by teaching them. They move through the levels and acquire experience working in the area. Diversifying opens the system to identify skilled personnel. It gives every child the right to pursue what they understand and relate with. It propels them to high standards in their specialty.

Diversifying education means that different fields such as Science, Arts, and Philosophy shall be independent of one another. This allows students the chance to associate with colleagues at an early stage in life. They get the support they need early and get adequate care from teachers and experts.

Diversity in Education: We Are Equal

A system that has all the fields combined denies learners direct access to experts who correct and equip them appropriately. They get confused and engage with others who have no interest in their area of study. I think diversifying education is a way to strengthen the economy because it specializes in training experts. Denying young learners an opportunity to choose a field of interest is unfair and ties them to areas i need help with my personal statement where they are ill-equipped. They regularly make mistakes and are not successful at work.