Education is expensive, even to people with high socioeconomic status.

Due to that fact, many people who come from humble backgrounds are not always able to afford to go to college. That affects the state’s literacy levels as well as the number of professionals in the job market.

Students who do not attend college are not necessarily dumb. Most of them are very smart but lack the financial ability to do so. In states that value education and the welfare of their citizens, college should either be affordable or free. That will benefit not only the students but also the nation. A country that has a literate workforce is more likely to be productive than that one with high levels of illiteracy.

Advantages of Free College Education

  • More Innovations

Colleges are industries that create great minds. When one goes to college, they can focus their minds on skill acquisition related to a field of their choice. Students who attend college nurture their talents and develop innovative skills that drive the economy. The more people that attend college, the more the number of innovations.

  • Equality

There has always being a huge gap between the rich and the power. The difference keeps growing because most of the things that add value to an individual need money to acquire. Education is one of the things that can bridge the rift between the rich and the poor. Once educated, one can turn that into income by getting a well-paying job.

When college remains unaffordable, students from humble backgrounds will not have the privilege. For that reason, the poverty cycle will continue for generations. Making college free is the first step toward equalizing everyone.

  • Economic Stability

The economy suffers a great deal when most of the population is poor. There is little money circulation in the industries. buy college essay The economy is also affected by debt—most students who attend state colleges and cannot afford tuition result in student loans. Even after college, they may not be able to pay back the loans because of their economic status.

Making state colleges free will free students off loans and give way to investments like homeownership plans. The economy thrives when more people are investing in businesses and other assets. It also means that students can be able to clear their credit card debts promptly.

  • High Literacy Levels

Most people remain uneducated because they cannot afford to go to school. If state colleges were free, there would be no excuse at all. Everyone would get a chance to get an education in a field of their choice. That would increase the levels of literacy in the country.

When a nation has an educated population, things run very smoothly. Productivity is also high because everyone has a skill that will make life better for everyone. As much as nations want to have an educated population, it may not be possible if attending school is too expensive.

State colleges are supposed to be a place for everyone. The government has to make sure that its people are taken care of in all aspects of life. One of these aspects is education.